2019 Exascale Computing Project Annual Meeting

January 14-18, 2019

The organizing committee is composed of skilled members from different national laboratories to assist on the process of planning, managing and executing the numerous tasks that need to be done for the 2019 ECP Annual Meeting. Focus Areas Leads, Facilities, Industry Council and Vendors representatives will work together with the Program Office, Logistics and I/T teams in the overall organization and planning of the conference to ensure a successful ECP Annual Meeting.

The committee will open calls and host sessions on key topics and areas to the ECP community including discussions of future systems, software stack plans, and interactions with facilities. In addition, the committee will prepare the conference schedule and will be responsible for the technical content, including breakouts, tutorials and posters sessions offered through the week.

Committee Chair: Marta García – ANL    Email

   Erik DraegerLLNL    Email      Ashley BarkerORNL    Email      Doug CollinsORNL    Email
         Richard GerberLBNL    Email      
  SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY      Katherine Riley ANL    Email     LOGISTICS
   Mike HerouxSNL    Email      Julia WhiteORNL    Email      Corliss ThompsonORNL    Email
   Rob NeelyLLNL    Email            Julia WhiteORNL    Email
        INDUSTRY COUNCIL      Lora WolfeORNL    Email
  HARDWARE AND INTEGRATION      David MartinANL    Email      Judy PotokORNL    Email
   Jeff Kuehn LANL    Email      Suzy TichenorORNL    Email      
  TRAINING     VENDORS      Doug CollinsORNL    Email
   Ashley BarkerORNL    Email      Bronis de Supinski LLNL    Email      Jonathan WilsonORNL    Email
   Osni MarquesLBNL    Email            Dan CiarletteORNL    Email