2023 Exascale Computing Project Annual Meeting


A key goal of the 2023 ECP Annual Meeting is to engage ECP researchers and other stakeholders more deeply with the broad range of research and development activities taking place project wide. To this end, the Annual Meeting Program Committee will host BoF, Panel, and Project Tutorial sessions focused on any topic related to the ECP research or project goals.

For this year's ECP Annual Meeting and subsequent BOF and Tutorial Days events, we are particularly interested in submissions with the following themes:

  • Successes on the Frontier System and on the Aurora Test and Development System, especially performance numbers, ST accomplishments, and new science that has been enabled
  • Lessons learned preparing for Frontier and Aurora. Don't be afraid to reveal your challenges! We can all learn from them.
  • Integration of AD and ST projects

A selected set of sessions will take place Wednesday and Thursday of the in-person meeting week. This time, we have a shortened time frame for the in-person meeting, so we will not have time for as many sessions as we have in prior years. To accommodate the large number of submissions we expect, we will hold two virtual events after the in-person ECP Annual Meeting:

  • ECP Community BOF Days: This will be a virtual event held over a set of days set aside for BOF sessions and other sessions. (More information coming soon)
  • ECP Project Tutorial Days: This will be a virtual event held over a set of days set aside for ECP project tutorials. Our plan is that we will only hold vendor and facility tutorials during the in-person meeting. (More information coming soon)

For the in-person meeting, we will prioritize scheduling submissions with broad appeal and highly interactive plans. The remaining sessions that are not scheduled in the in-person meeting will be automatically submitted for the subsequent ECP Community BOF And ECP Project Tutorial Days events.

  • Submission site:  click here 
  • Submission Deadline: 
  • Decision Notification for in-person meeting: 
  • Eligibility:  Individuals or groups that receive ECP funding, staff from DOE high-performance computing facilities, and vendors affiliated with ECP.
  • Contact: 
    • BoF/Panel/Plenary:  Kathryn Mohror — Email and Osni Marques — Email
    • Tutorials:  Yasaman Ghadar — Email


The theme of the poster session in the 2023 ECP Annual Meeting will be "Then and Now" where each poster will highlight changes in capabilities from the beginning of ECP to the present. What was your product or application like at the beginning of ECP and what are you able to do now? It's amazing how far we've come and will be so much fun to see everyone's progress!

You or someone on your team should be present at your poster space during the session on to engage with other project teams. You will want to present material in your poster session that will help others understand your project and the capabilities your project gained during ECP.

  • Call for Poster Proposals: click here 
  • Deadline:
    • Poster Proposal Submissions
    • Poster PDF File Submissions
  • Poster Template and Guidance: [download] 
  • PDF Submission:  Coming soon
  • Eligibility:  Every ECP project is expected to provide a poster.
  • Requirements:  Please incorporate the ECP logo [download]  in your Poster(s). A PDF file of all posters will be gathered before the event (see deadline above) and posted on-line and in the conference mobile application. Posters should be no bigger than 35" (w) x 45" (h) because there will be 2 posters per side. If the poster is bigger than the requested 35" (w) x 45" (h), your poster may not be displayed. No NDA content is allowed in the posters.
  • Contact:  Elaine Raybourn — Email and Piotr Luszczek — Email

    Please contact the Posters POCs if you would like to submit a request for additional space. Please note that any posters remaining at the end of the meeting will be removed.