2023 Exascale Computing Project Annual Meeting

2023 ECP Annual Meeting is excited to offer an app, exclusively for registered attendees, to help you make the most of the 2023 ECP Annual Meeting!
This free app, powered by Whova, takes networking and session participation to another level.

Whova Event App User Tutorial

Please note that the layout of the Web/Mobile App pages may look different on certain devices and applications.

Get Most Out of Your Event

Are you wondering what the Whova event app can provide that paper brochures or event websites can't? Would you like to learn how to easily explore the Whova app and get most out of your event? Here is a quick tutorial for Whova app users.

How to Download the Whova App

The Whova event app is for free for event attendees. To download the app, please follow the steps below:

  • Open up the Apple Store or Google Play on your mobile device, and search for "Whova".
  • Or, visit here in your mobile device’s web browser.

When you have found Whova, tap to download and install the Whova app.

How to Sign In

  1. Sign-In options
    • Enter the email address you used for event registration
    • Or, use your social media account
  2. Create password and type in your name
  3. Profile editing

    Other attendees will see this and network with you, so make it look good. You can edit it later by clicking the "Menu" button.

    Picture 17 Picture 16
  4. Access your event main page

    The app will take you to your event page automatically if organizers set up the app with your registration information.

    Picture 18

    If your event doesn’t show up automatically, search for it. Then, click the join button on the bottom of the event description page, and enter the event invitation code the organizers sent you. Or, request a new code and wait until the organizers approve your request.

    Picture 14 Picture 13 Picture 19 Picture 11

The Three Most Popular Features

Picture 20
  1. Agenda
    • Session Search

      Whova lists all the sessions on each event day, You can search an individual session by keywords, including a session title, room, and a speaker name.

      Picture 24
    • Personal Schedule in "My Agenda"

      The session includes all the details like overview, handouts, speaker profiles, etc. You can add the session into your own personal agenda and set a reminder. All the sessions you saved are in My Agenda, which is shown in the previous page (see the picture above).

      Picture 22 Picture 23
    • Participating in sessions through the app

      During the session, you can click Like, ask questions or leave comments, and rate the session. You can take down your personal notes too.

      Picture 25
  2. Attendees
    • Plan Your Networking

      With a little planning, you can make many valuable connections. Explore who else is attending the event. You can search by keywords including company name or title.

      Picture 26

      You can click attendees in the list, and see their professional profiles. You can take a note, or request a contact information.

      Picture 27 Picture 28
    • Say-Hi, In-app Messaging, and Private Group Chat

      You can see the professional background information of fellow attendees, and say "Hi" with a click.

      Picture 29 Picture 30

      Or, start chatting through private in-app messages. By clicking the button on the top of the page, you can invite more people to join the conversation. Just convert it to a private group chat.

      Picture 31 Picture 32
    • Meeting scheduler

      Use the meeting scheduling feature to suggest a time and a place to meet someone. If your request is accepted, you’ll see a notification and it’ll also show up in your agenda.

      Picture 33 Picture 34
  3. Community Board

    You can plan social activities and gatherings with fellow attendees, explore job opportunities, share a ride with fellow attendees, ask organizers any questions, and do much more. You can create conversational topics and interact with others even prior to your event.

    Picture 35 Picture 36